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If you need fire safety supplies and equipment, EDCO Fire And Safety is here to provide them. We are proud to be one of the top suppliers of fire safety equipment in the Permian Basin. From oil companies in West Texas people from all walks of life come to us for the best in safety supplies. From fire resistant clothing to fire extinguishers, we have everything you need to keep your company up to date and compliant with safety requirements. 

In addition to our large stock of supplies, we also have a trained and helpful staff ready to help you make your selections. Whether you’re calling us up to place a large order or just walking into the store to find the equipment you need right now, we’re here to help.

  • H2S Monitors - single gas, three-gas, four-gas

  • Gloves

    • 18-22 oz. cotton gloves

    • Goat & pig skin

    • Economy grade cowhide

    • Nitrile gloves

    • Impact gloves

  • Fire resistant clothing & Vests

  • Lock Out Supplies 

  • Fire extinguishers - Class K, ABC, BC, CO2, CleanGuard (Ansul), Halotron

  • Harnesses & lanyards

  • Hard hats, caps & accessories

  • Windsocks & frames

  • First aid kits & supplies

  • Safety glasses

  • Signs

  • Tyvek disposable coveralls

  • Ear protection

  • Calibration Gas

  • Breathing Equipment

    • Air hose reels

    • 300 CUFT airbottles

    • SCBAs

    • Air hoses

    • Fittings & connections

  • Half mask & full face respirators

  • Cartridges

  • Disposable dust masks

  • Safety Cones

  • Steel Toe Rubber Boots

  • Full Service of Fire Extinguishers


Flame Resistant Clothing is designed to protect you on the job. We tailor to a variety of industries and the clothing comes in an array of fabrics and styles that are rated for different kinds of hazards. Flame resistant material burns slowly and self-extinguishes to prevent it from fueling a fire. We are happy to help find the right flame resistant clothing for you and your employees. 


Let us be your number one source for fire safety equipment. We are standing by and ready to help you with all of your supply selections and provide training for your employees. We're dedicated to keeping Texas businesses and their employees safe. Give us a call at (432) 580-3326 to get started! You're safety matters to us. 


Safety is everything to us at EDCO.  So we believe in carrying the most trusted and tested brands in the market.

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